Federal Insurance Timor Leste

Hermenegildo de Carvalho
Hermenegildo de Carvalho - Federal Insurance Finance and Administration Manager Timor Leste
Welcome to FIT

At Federal Insurance Timor we welcome your business and are ready and willing to meet your particular insurance needs.

Whether you require commercial or private insurance cover we have the right products to ensure total cover for your property and valuable assets.

Call us now on (+670) 331 0098 we look forward to hearing from you.

Selamat datang di tempat kami Federal Insurance Timor.

Dari finance & administration manager kami - Hermenegildo de Carvalho

Federal Insurance Timor dengan senang hati, menyambut bisnis Anda...Kami siap dan bersedia melayani kebutuhan khusus asuransi Anda.

Apakah Anda membutuhkan asuransi komersial atau asuransi pribadi?

Kami memiliki produk yang tepat untuk anda, dalam menjamin hartadan kekayaan anda yang berharga.

Hubungi kami sekarang di (+670) 331 0098, Kami tunggu kehadiran anda.

About Us:

Federal Insurance Timor Leste is a part of a highly successful and privately owned Insurance group specializing in general insurance cover. We commenced operations in Samoa in 1999 and have since expanded into Tonga, Rarotonga and Timor Leste.

Federal Insurance provides a whole range of appropriate insurance products to meet the needs of private individuals as well as small businesses.

It is our objective to ensure that customers are appropriately covered for risks relevant to them and once a customer has incurred a genuine loss we will rapidly meet the claim and payout to the customers satisfaction.

Federal Insurance Timor maka membru husi grupu kompanha Seguru ka Asuransi swasta ida nebe sucsesu tebes durante halao nia knar liu-liu iha area Segurus Gerais ka Asuransi Umum. Ami hahu halao uluk iha Nasaun Samoa iha Tinan 1999, depois ami kontinua halao iha Tonga, Kook Island no iha Timor Leste.

Federal Insurance iha nia produtu oi-oin tuir necesidades kliente sira nian, nebe mai husi ema individu, Empresario Publiku, Swata no ONG sira.

Ida ne’e maka ami nia objectivu atu fo seguru ba klientes, hodi hola responsabel ba risku no asidentes nebe klientes sira hetan ou hasoru e atende reklamasaun hotu nebe maka tama ho lais hodi fo solusaun.

We are located in the Pateo Compound
No Coracao de Dili Development Suite 4 & 25 (Opposite Liceu) Rua. De Mozambique-Colmera Dili, Timor Leste
Telephone: +(670) 331 0089
Mobile: +(670) 7770 2337
Email: info@asuransifit.com

Our Team

We have a highly capable team ready to assist you with organizing insurance cover when you really need it.

From L-R: Maria (Insurance Officer), Zelia (Insurance Officer), Perosi (FPI Samoa), Palmira (Snr Insurance Officer) & Hermenegildo (Finance & Administration Manager)