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“To provide the people of the Samoa with affordable insurance solutions and excellent service to meet all their needs and provide peace of mind. We wish to promote a culture where everyone is prepared for those unforeseen situations”

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Namulau'ulu Sami Leota - General Manager FPI Samoa

Welcome to FPI Samoa

Talofa lava, at Federal Pacific Insurance we welcome your business and are ready and willing to meet your particular insurance needs. Whether you require commercial or private insurance cover we have the right products to ensure total cover for your property and assets.

About us:
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Located in central Apia at the Federal Pacific Group House, Vaea Street

FPI Insurance (Samoa) is a highly successful and privately owned Insurance company specializing in general insurance cover. We commenced operations in 1999 and have a paid up capital of WST$2,000,000.
Our major customers include some of the largest public and private organizations and businesses across Samoa. FPI also provides a whole range of appropriate insurance products to meet the needs of private individuals as well as small businesses.
It is our objective to ensure that customers are appropriately covered for risks relevant to them and once a customer has incurred a genuine loss we will rapidly meet the claim and payout to the customers satisfaction.

Our People
We have a highly capable team ready to assist you with organising insurance cover when you really need it .
Pictured in front of our main office doors (From L-R top: Lealaitagomoa Karaisetete Lafaele, Sofeni Moananu, Namulauulu Sami Leota (GM), Silipa Silipa, Calvin Sinapati. Bottom row L-R: Traccie Solofa, Aniva Tautu-Meredith, Perosi Su'a, Ianeta Malaki, Rosieann Kapeteni


Below: GM FPI Insurance, Namulauulu Sami leota hands over a $5,000 cheque to Pastor Lenny Solomona of 1 Touch Ministries.

1 touch

A health and fitness programme that promotes a healthy lifestyle has been given a $5000 funding boost.

Federal Pacific Insurance has come forward to support the 1Touch Ministry and its health and fitness programmes. 

The company’s General Manager, Namulauulu Sami Leota, told the Samoa Observer their company is supporting 1Touch Ministry due to the impact that it is having in the community. 

“We have seen so many lives being transformed as a result of fitness programmes and activities by the 1Touch Ministry,” he said. 

Namulauulu then took a walk down memory lane and talked of his own experience, highlighting why the work of 1Touch Ministry is important.    

“I grew up in Samoa and I have seen so many friends and relatives suffer from different illnesses of non-communicable diseases, especially from high blood pressures and diabetes and it has taken so many lives of our loved ones. One major cause according to health experts is due to our diet and lack of exercise,” he said.

“The 1Touch Ministry is making a lot of progress in terms of awareness programmes on our health as well as paving the way to eating clean and eating the right food. Their programme has given people hopes of transforming their lives and change of lifestyles to everyday healthy living.”

Due to the impact that the programme is having locally, the insurance company even paid for its staff and families to participate. 

Namulauulu said: “We want to encourage them to live a healthy life and to be fit and perform well at work. You know the saying healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a much happier life.” 

A major component of the health and fitness programme is gym classes, which according to Namulauulu can be a good opportunity to network. 

“I attend the tabata classes at J.P. gym every morning and I have made some good friends there, learn more about who they are and some have since become our insurance customers.”

He commended the proponents of 1Touch Ministry, saying it is not easy running such a programme. 

“I have seen the sacrifices by Pastor Lenny and his team and it’s not easy to run the programme. Most are working on a voluntary basis but no doubt like anything else it needed financial support in order to survive.  The money that we donate every year will hopefully assist in their course and F.P.I. will continue to give them support wherever we can.”

Director of 1Touch Ministry, Pastor Lenny Solomona, acknowledged the assistance by Namulauulu and his company.  

“They have been one of our biggest supporters since we launched 1Touch Ministries back in 2014. They have not only shown interest throughout our programmes in their participation, but they have also invested financially into our vision in transforming lives. We are truly grateful for their ongoing investment,” he said.

REAL help in time of need
story image
January 2016 - Major fire totally consumes mid town Apia Fleamarket.

Federal Pacific Insurance came to the rescue by responding promptly to the claim lodged by the Samoa Land Corporation (S.L.C) following the major fire that destroyed the Savalalo Flea Market on 16 January 2016. The Savalalo Market owned by Samoa Land Corporation was completely burnt to the ground.
 “We are grateful with assistance from Namulauulu and his team at Federal Pacific Insurance,” said the Chairman of the S.L.C Board, Tupuola Sione Malifa. “They turned up at the site straight after the fire and have rendered a great deal of assistance in the recovery process.
“The fact that they paid our claim within a few days after the fire says a lot about Federal Pacific, as they settled with us over and above on what we are entitled for under the Policy.
“The payment today will certainly help us moving forward.”
General Manager FPI Samoa, Namulauulu Sami Leota, said their company values the relationship with S.L.C and their decision will eventually help the thousands of people affected by the fire.
 “Nothing is more satisfying for us as Insurance people when someone suffers a loss and we are able to put a smile on their faces,” said Namulauulu. “The claim was pretty much straight forward and we have been able to run our process smoothly with our Underwriters so we can pay this out this week,” he said.
“I’m glad we have been able to achieve this and paid the claim in full within five days after this major fire accident." The cheque was presented yesterday before the S.L.C Board at its monthly meeting at Vaitele.

story image-2
HELP IN TIME OF NEED: Samoa Land Corporation Chairman, Tupuola Sione Malifa pictured top right received the full insurance payment of the flea market that was destroyed by Fire from Namulauulu Sami Leota, General Manager of Federal Pacific Insurance
Standing by our customers especially in their time of need is our guarantee and what really sets us apart from any competitors. It is our policy to pay out legitimate policy claims promptly without unnecessary delays.

Assisting in the community
Following the major fire which guttecd the Savalalo fleamarket in January 2016, FPI also stepped up to help the individual stall holders with a donation of WST $20,000.

Namulauulu Sami Leota (second from left) with happy stall owners.

Federal Pacific Insurance (FPI) donated $20,000 to some of the victims of the Fire that burned down the Savalalo Market in January 2016.
The decision was made in response to the call by the government for donations to help the businesses.

The Board Chairman for Samoa Lands Corporation (S.L.C) Lavea Tupuola Lemalu Sione Malifa was present at the ceremony along with Adele Kruse, the Samoa Offering Hope (SOH) Chairperson, and Namulauulu Sami Leota, the General Manager of F.P.I

The donations were given directly to 50 randomly picked stall owners to help with getting them back on their feet. They all received an equal share of $400 each.

“Unfortunately we cannot give benefits to all 200 stall owners who were affected, but we feel it was fair to draw names out of a hat to get the 50 names,” Namulauulu said. 

“The recipients’ got $400 tala each which totalled $20,000 tala.
“The purpose of the assistance was for us to give help to those who have been directly affected by the fire. The other purpose was to show that we value our partnership with the government.”

With the full support of S.O.H., Namulauulu and his company felt it was best to give their assistance directly to the stall owners
Ms. Kruse said S.O.H appreciates the generosity of F.P.I.
“We want to thank Namulauulu and F.P.I for what they have given today and we pray that many more in our country will help” Ms. Kruse said
“We can make a difference in ensuring that the flea market comes back quickly because this is the one establishment in Samoa that shows a good representation of our culture”

For stall owner Ina Fruean, the donation is a blessing.
“I’m so thankful for what was given today to help with bringing back our flea market. All glory to God,” she said.
As for Fou Ah Ching owner of stall 31 this came as a delightful shock.
“I was shocked when I was informed by the market that I will be getting some money,” Ms. Ah Ching said. “This $400 will help a lot with getting our stall’s back on track. It can be used for paint for dresses and handicrafts and many other things.
“I want to take this opportunity to thank Namulauulu for what they have done today” The happy stall owner said